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Who Needs Scales!!!

02 Aug

dont use scalesTo me this is one of the most limiting factors when it comes to achieving your body composition goals.
Scale weight unfortunately is one of those things that changes on a daily basis, especially for the ladies with their menstrual cycles. Water gain during this time frame can vary from person to person prior and post cycle.
If you use scales to monitor your progress, try and only stick to using them once a week to allow enough time for change. If you are able to stick to the same time and day each week this will really help.

Jumping on a set of scales at the end of the week, after a consistent week of training and clean nutrition to find that needle hasn’t moved, let again possible gone up. If you are in a calorie deficit and stuck to your plan you most certainly will be losing body fat. This is something i try to educate my clients on. Scale weight is a combination of everything from Lean Tissue, Fat, Bone, Water etc..

Always try to pick the mirror and the way clothes fit above the scales, there is no better feeling then putting on an item of clothing and feeling the difference around the waist, especially if they are your favorite pair of jeans.