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Abi Hughes

I’ve always liked to train and keep myself fit, well i thought i was until Dave started to train me twice a week. Since day one of my training with Dave he has kept me motivated and determined to achieve my goals, which i must admit was very hard, because in the past i found it hard to motivate myself but that has all changed very quickly thanks to Dave. Although i haven’t finish my training with Dave i am feeling the benefits of having him there every step of the way. He is someone i would recommend to anyone, you want that perfect bikini bodies girls go to Dave Fuge


Tom Riches

Around 3 months ago i decided to join my local gym with my goal being to lose weight and tone up. To help me keep on track i decided on having personal training session as well. This is when i met Dave who set up a training program aimed at helping me achieve my targets and set up regular reviews where my program was upgraded. This not only enabled me to get the best results but made the program more challenging. Along with this and Dave’s diet tips i have already seen a large improvement. With Dave’s enthusiasm and encouragement every step of the way he has made going to the gym not only an enjoyable experience but also a challenging one.

Steve Wood

Hi, my name is Steve Wood and if you have been reading Dave’s Blog you will have seen that he has mentioned me a couple of times. I have been training on and off since moving to the area ten years ago, mainly to just keep myself in a reasonable condition. I was a member at the Torbay Leisure Centre, which if you have been there, you will know just how small the free weight section of the gym is, with limited amounts of equipment, hence a lot of time spent waiting for benches etc to become free.

I had heard good reports regarding Winners 2000 at Paignton and decided to check it out, so popped one morning back in August and was met at the reception area by Dave who happened to be on duty that day. Dave kindly showed me around the gym and all the facilities that Winners had to offer including Personal Training, and the membership costs which happened to be less that my annual subscription at Torbay L C. Dave asked me what I hoped to achieve and I explained that I wanted a more lean and muscular defined shape and that I would like to reduce my body fat % somewhat. Dave explained that all these and more were achievable with the right attitude and effort on my part. I asked Dave if he would be prepared to take on the responsibility of helping me achieve these goals. After my initial introductory sessions, during which Dave worked out a training and diet programme for me to follow, I decided I would continue to have Dave help me by having a one to one session with him once a week. I have just completed my 10th week/session with Dave and I have to say with Dave’s expertise, continual motivation, and encourgement, I am really pleased with the results so far, so much so that I will continue with my one to one sessions with Dave as I feel when you get to my age you need all the help you can get!!!! , although Dave will tell you that you will only get out what you put in and that age is not that important, and I have to agree, over the last ten weeks I have put in the hours and effort and although I have still some way to go before I get to what I consider an acceptable shape, he is right. The only negative thing to come out of all this is that I now wish that I had done all this years ago, so to anyone who is thinking about getting themselves a Personal Trainer, don’t think about it do it!!!. Thanks for all your help so far Dave, long may it continue!!!

Mike Dowd

This photo was taken on the 29th of March 2009 at the time I was 18 stone and 40% body fat. I decided that my goals would be to achieve12 stone and 15% body fat. On the 25th of June I started training with Dave Fuge, he had kindly offered to take on my training from my last trainer, the first thing that Dave did was find out what goals I was working on and how I had been progressing so far, by this time I had already lost just over 3 stone. Dave is an amazing trainer and I have the up most respect for him, he is a great motivator and even when I do 12 hour shifts at work he makes sure that I get the most out of my sessions with him.

I train with Dave 3 times a week and he always makes time to see me around my working hours which change weekly. I have been training with Dave for 9 weeks now and have reached all of my original targets now being 12 stone and 15% body fat. As you can imagine I feel a whole lot fitter now and have some new targets I have been doing quite a bit of road running as part of my program and will be taking part in the Torbay 10K on the 24th August as well as the 2000m Rowing challenge on the 14th of September. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who works at Winners, they have all been very friendly and supportive of me from my first day and I feel that the atmosphere that they promote has contributed to my success.

Roy Kennedy

I started with Dave at the beginning of Sept this year approximately 7/8 weeks ago and I have to say I was sceptical as to whether or not Dave could help me because not only was I overweight, I was also suffering from very high blood pressure which has an effect on my ability to train. However Dave has helped me from start to finish achieving my short term goals. We started with very closely monitored training and a complete new diet; I felt that Dave was very careful with me as he understood my health issues and gave me a structured training programme.

The results were AMAZING in a very short period of time, as in the 7/8 weeks Dave has trained me I have lost over 2 stone in weight and my fitness levels are through the roof. I am now feeling better than I have in a number of years and now look forward to the gym as oppose to avoiding it, like I did for many years. I cannot thank Dave enough for the care and professional attitude he has shown to date.

Many Thanks Dave

Julie Twydell

From This 24th May 2010 saying farewell to my Ozzie living sister size 18/20 and weighing in at 12st12lb think its my biggest ever at 5foot 2in(if I stand real tall) thats heavy for a little lady. I was slow, My hair got greasy quickly, My shoulder was frozen I could only raise it to a certain height, my back ached, just getting up to make a cup of tea at the end of the day it took a few minutes to straighten up, I wasn’t visiting the toilet as oft as I should so was always feeling bloated & puffy, My knees ached, my ankles ached and as for the sex drive well I couldnt be bothered. Well I was getting older. I was a Grandmother its what happens when you get older I’ve been told NO This cant be right…..
I don’t like this…. SO…. What to do???
Challenge myself needed a serious challenge to get my butt into gear. How about The London Marathon!!!!!!!
I put in a place with a charity & started seriously looking at my diet and being ruthless with it I had over 3 stone to loose and if I did get a place in the Marathon I would have to get the weight down or I would never make it October came and an acceptance email from Seafarers UK for a place in the Virgin London Marathon YESSSS Ok I had to really up my little 20min circuit jogs every morning if I was going to do 26.2 miles then as with many new runners my knees started to ache So Off to Winners Paignton I went and sat down with Dave Fuge and told him my goals and my little problem.


Claire Swift – Kettlebells

I have trained myself for a few years now with the goal of getting a leaner body with more muscle mass. I researched a lot myself but I never really got the results I was looking for. I have now been kettle bell training with Dave since Nov 2009 and the results have been fantastic. My strength endurance levels have never been higher and hill running is getting much easier. Not only do the measurements show I am getting leaner but I visually look a lot leaner as well. I have definition to muscles I didn’t have before and I am losing fat in areas where I didn’t expect to. I can honestly say that if you put the effort in you will see great results quickly. I personally would recommend kettle bell training with Dave.

Henry Bomby

I would strongly recommend Dave to anyone. When I first approached Dave I was looking for a personal trainer to help me prepare for sailing around Britain this summer. I had heard great things about his training ethos and he deservedly came highly recommended. His enthusiasm to research a completely new sport and his professionalism and passion for continually wanting to learn more is a credit to his work. My programme with Dave has been varied, in order to gain both muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness for the 3 months I will be at sea. We also did a lot of work on my back, a personal weak area for me, and the results I have seen has been incredible over such a short period of time. His vast knowledge on training methods/techniques, to nutrition, diet and supplements gives him a solid basis in which to form a successful all round programme for any of your fitness needs, from simply getting in shape, to a professional athlete’s programme. Most importantly he makes training fun, and I hope to carry on working with Dave for other sailing projects in the future. Henry Bomby Sailing – Round Britain Project

Paul Carthy

Being a coach myself (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), I know the benefits of personal training. Dave has designed functional programs to improve my strength in all my sports areas as well as my diet and nutrition, but still keeping looking to keep me agile and fuelled for my training. Dave has an excellent professional approach, he is easy going, but still pushes you harder than you thought possible. You’ll always come out of the end of one of his sessions with a smile on your face. If your serious about your body, Dave Fuge is the man to talk too!

Lee Johnson

I am currently undertaking personal training sessions with Dave and since i have started these sessions iv found that dave is fully focused in helping me achieve my goals in becoming bigger and fitter than ever. His training gave me confidence in myself to train hard and i started to feel and see good results fast. He has also given me good tips on whats best to eat and the right suppliments to take.Overall i am really happy with the targets i have reached whilst training with Dave and i will continue having regular Personal Training Session with him in the future.

Paul Morris

Training with Dave is never easy! He will push you to your limits and make sure that he gets the best out of you. If he sets you a training program to follow, you are guranteed to get the results that you want out of training.

Tom McCann

I have been doing pts with Dave Fuge for sometime now and whilst i have been under his supervision i have used several different machines that are concentrated on different parts of the body. He has given advice and guidance in what supplements are suitable for the gains that i require. He has also given me a diet plan for me to follow to reach my goals. Through a special diet and training with Dave i have noticed gains, I am pleased with the training and will continue with my training.

Mitchell Singleton

My weight when I got married was 15 ½ stones and, following 6 years of ill health and a divorce, this year had peaked at a gut-busting 18! So taking the bull by the horns I joined the Winners 2000 gym in Paignton and met Dave, whose thorough professionalism was obvious from the start, who took me on! I have to say Dave and the Winners gym have been a revelation. I’ve never met anyone like Dave before. He’s so focused, so knowledgeable about his ’trade’, so positive and all out to help and encourage. Gym sessions with him are never the same and whilst I might swear a great deal whilst doing his mini-circuit training routines, carrying those damned kettle bells or struggling with all those different ‘weighty’ instruments of torture, Dave just keeps the momentum going and you feel that, with him investing his time in you, giving in is definitely not an option. Dave’s certainly passionate about his work and this is reflected in the dedication and effort he shows his clients. He also provides dietary plans which, surprisingly, I have not had too much trouble following (may be some slight lapses but nothing serious) and this, together with the gym sessions, have led to a reduction in my weight and more body toning every week since Dave has been training me. To say he has transformed my life may sound a bit over the top but I haven’t felt this good for many years, my confidence is slowly growing and I thoroughly enjoy my gym sessions with him and wouldn’t’ hesitate in recommending him to anyone who is seeking to get fitter, lose weight and tone up.

Hannah Cotton

I have been training at Winners since April of this year. I had not been to a gym for about 2 years and after loosing a bit of weight thought I would join again. I met Dave when he did my induction, I was really nervous but he made me feel at ease. After a week I thought I would ask Dave to be my personal trainer. The next time we met he asked me what I wanted to achieve and took my measurements. I now meet Dave on a weekly basis and have my measurements taken every 4 weeks. I have my normal program during the week and then we do something different on my one to one sessions. I really look forward to these sessions as I don’t know what I’m going to be doing. Dave knows exactly what my limits are and how far he can push me. I don’t like giving up, even when I have hardly any energy left with Dave’s encouragement I can push myself that little bit more. At the end of the session I feel really good but my body definitely feels it the next day! In the past I have mainly done cardio so I was not very confident using weights but with Dave’s guidance I now use them in my programs. The support Dave gives is fantastic; he wants you to get the results as much as you want them yourself. The other great thing is that Dave does to himself what he makes you do – he practices what he preaches and I think this is why he is so successful with his clients. Thank you Dave

Daisy Brent

A year ago I was the sort of girl who lived for the weekend, I loved a bottle of wine and a takeaway and the very thought of the gym was non-existent. That’s until I met Dave, having been with him for over a year now I have experienced dramatic changes in my body, my diet and my overall wellbeing. I work two jobs one in the day and one night shift 5 days a week, so finding time to go to the gym is near enough impossible from day to day, however after seeing the results Dave’s other clients had from training with him I was adamant I would give the fitness a go! Dave drew up a plan with me which, meant early morning power walks before I’d eaten so it would help me to burn calories and speed up my metabolism for the rest of the day. After trialling the walks I began to turn it into early morning jogs, and now find myself putting on my trainers and setting off for my mornings runs. Never did I think, that I, the Saturday night wine swilling dancing queen would enjoy running first thing in the morning! After seeing the effects my running has had on my body, Dave then explained to me the added benefits that a change in my diet would have for me, knowing I work long hours with hardly any time in between he chose foods which were easy for me to prepare and would give me the energy to get through my days. Now a year on, I thoroughly enjoy training and when I do get the extra time you can often find me in the gym training a selection of weights with Dave to keep me toned. I feel brilliant and I look the best shape I ever have, all thanks to a little work from me and great advice with encouragement from Dave. Daisy Brent

Mikki Lapthorn

I first met Dave on my induction to Winners in July 2009. After our initial few sessions together where we chatted about my goals, diet and wellbeing I decided to book a block of 10 personal training sessions with him. All of these sessions have been different, using all the gyms equipment and space allowing me to feel comfortable and competent when I’m in the gym on my own. So training with Dave, well, what can I say, we laugh! He motivates me into doing things that I didn’t think were possible and when I just can’t do it anymore…we laugh. For me training is not just about achieving the desired goals, it’s about feeling good about you, being positive. Dave encourages all of these beliefs, he knows when to push me and how far and having him by my side for an hour allows me to switch off, not think about what I’m going to do next and just train.

Bill Frost

A few words from me, i didn’t know Dave until 2006 when i walked into my local gym. The first time you meet him you know that you will be in very good hands. I have always trained and kept myself in fair shape (or so i thought) then started training with Dave. What is there to say other than you will not get results unless you have a Personal Trainer and thanks to Dave i am now fit, strong and confident! Thanks Dave Bill Frost, aged 61

Gary Snell

Having trained on and off for a number of years, I decided last November after being seriously ill, I needed to change my life around completely. I contacted Dave; we sat down discussed goals, training and nutrition and how to achieve the targets. When we set out I weighed just over 16 stone, I am now just under 14. Its down to Dave’s continued support and commitment that I have been able to achieve this. I have Dave once a week personal training, to me its money well spent, The routines are hard but enjoyable, its been a great learning curve for both of us I think, gone from eating junk food to preparing healthy meals daily, great feeling when people comment now and say how good you look, its a reflection I think on how good Dave’s personal training is, because he is so dedicated training for shows his enthusiasm rubs off the clients, wish is great motivation in its self, If I can come back from maybe only having 24 hours left to live in October and change my life, then anyone can, the hard work, hours in the gym are all worth it long term. Just like to thank Dave and the rest of the Winners staff at Paignton for all their help and support over this past year

Anais Hais

Earlier this year I started to feel myself slipping down the ‘comforts eat’ route due to exam and emotional stress. When I found myself buying 5 doughnuts a week I thought, its time to start the gym! I had been to Winners before when I was doing P.E at school but we always used to hide out in the sauna instead of do any work! Because I am an aspiring singer, I need to look and feel good on stage and I felt by getting healthy, I would gain self confidence. This time I got in contact with Dave to see what he could do for me. The next thing I knew, I was actually sweating along to my new programme set up by him! The programme entitled me to have a set routine I could follow and aid toning up and losing weight. The programme was changed a month later, which was more challenging but very much worth it. My next programme is being set up by Dave next week so I can train with a friend. The great thing about having an instructor like Dave set up programmes and give you advice is that it pushes you to succeed more. If I was doing it off my own back I would probably have given up by now The advice is not only about exercise, but about nutrition which I find very helpful. By joining the gym and getting help from Dave I am now more comfortable with my body, and do not feel obliged to eat rubbish. I still have some weight to lose but I have toned up dramatically and I do not feel so bloated anymore. I feel like I can’t give up and won’t give up and am very happy to be part of Winners and to be Dave’s Client. Without the help I know I would have deteriorated rapidly

Paul Mirfin

38 years old and feeling tired and sluggish, that was me Paul Mirfin. At 14.10 stone and at the heaviest point in my life it was time for change I knew what I wanted and that was to be fitter now than at any time in my life So April 2007 I joined the winners 2000 Gym and had my induction with Dave, one hour later and 3 times in the loo with my head down the toilet I asked myself “Am I sure”? well after a few times going Dave approached me and asked if i wanted to take up sessions, not sure what to expect I did one set of 10 sessions with Dave who guided me in the right direction my aim at the time was my wedding in September and to look somewhat better than I did sure enough i got down to 13 stone purely by Dave pushing me in the right direction. After the wedding Dave stuck by me but I did not put the effort in between September and Christmas, slowly falling back into decline however after Christmas Dave was there he knew I was struggling in my job and so was there as a person to talk and listen to However one of Dave’s great attributes is the skill to listen however make you feel positive about the direction to go in and so 2008 is becoming my year thanks to one man, Dave has given me an eating plan, has giving me direction Dave has given me flexibility to train at my time and so inspires me to want to get my goals fully achieved I have not one thing to look forward to in 2008 as I have many things planned this year and so thanks to Dave we will just train hard and enjoy each session building without the fear of falling back I cannot say enough about Dave and the members of winners 2000,everytime I go in someone somewhere says “Hello” “How you doing” “If you need a hand someone is always willing to help” Thanks Dave Thanks

Anne Carthy

I joined winners at the end of October and booked a few sessions with Dave to get me started. My goals were to lose the last few pounds that I have always struggled with and become more toned. Within my first 5 weeks with Dave training me and doing my personal program, I lost over half a stone and now feel much more confident about my physique. Dave is a very easy person to get along with and I always feel comfortable around him. My training sessions are always great and he usually throws in something I’m not expecting and that means it never becomes monotonous. Having Dave by your side means you push yourself harder than your normally would on your own and that’s how you get the results! Needless to say I have already booked more sessions with Dave and will continue to do so!

Kirsty & Tom Unwin

We had been training at Paignton gym for a few months but we weren’t seeing any inprovements, So we started having a session every week with Dave from January last year. He weighed and measured us at the start and gave us a diet plan which was easy to follow and easy to maintain. Then every week when we had our session he would weigh us and then every 4 weeks he would measure us so within the first month we could see the inches start falling off us. At the end of each session he would set us a goal to aim for, for the next week. We had our own personal goal aswell which was our wedding day in september, which Dave knew about and he pushed us to our limits. Within 3 months i had lost 5inches off my hips and Tom had lost 1 and half stone.

Tina and Grant Clements

Grant & I decided that we needed to lose weight and get fit, we have been on every diet, to every slimming club going and we would lose one stone and that would be it, so we decided to join a gym. We were introduced to Dave when we went over for our induction and we got chatting to him about our goals, the problems we have had in the past with trying to lose weight and also the fact that I get bored very quickly when it comes to having to go to the gym. We have now been training with Dave for just over 6 months and if you had said to me 7 months ago, I would be going to the gym every morning to do cardio and training once or twice a week, I would have laughed at you. I can honestly say hand on heart, that if we hadn’t been seeing Dave once a week I would have stopped a long time ago (as I always have in the past, I don’t think I have ever seen a full years membership out!). With Dave behind us it’s been so much easier; he gives us so much encouragement. We are obviously doing this for ourselves, for our health, for a longer life but Dave puts so much into our training sessions, you feel like you are doing it for him as well. If we get a week where we are struggling to go in to the gym or with our diet (that Dave has designed especially for us) all we have to do is pick up the phone, or send an email or even a text and Dave is straight back with all the encouragement needed to get us back into the gym. The best day of the whole 6 months for me was putting a skirt on and actually being able to tuck it in, I haven’t been able to do that for 20 years or more, and what a feeling that was, it was worth all the 6.30am starts!! I have now lost over 12” in total and that is a great feeling. Grant has lost over 2 stone and everywhere he goes people comment on how good he is looking. It’s been hard, but with Dave’s help we are getting there.

If like us your not sure or you don’t think you will stick to a programme, go and see Dave, he has changed our lives for the better, we now don’t want to get home from work and veg out in front of the TV, we actually have the energy to go out for a walk in the evening, do some gardening, all the things that sounded like too much effort 6 months ago. And it’s all thanks to Dave. Thank You Dave, for everything!

SAC Will Runciman

I was working in retail at a popular high street clothing brand back in 2007. I had very little time for sports but did attend my local gym from time to time, but not enough or hard enough to really call myself fit. During the previous year i began my application to join the Royal Air Force and decided i need to focus some effort on my fitness. Knowing Dave Fuge from a young age and also from the gym i recruited him to help me out. He looked into my current fitness levels and diets and built a program that not only worked around my life but one that enabled me to constantly step my efforts up and really make a change. The most important thing i found with training with Dave is that anyone can find diets and training guides in magazines or online, its the effort he put into helping me reach those goals not for personal gain but the respect he has for himself as a fitness instructor. Without Dave’s instruction and influence on my training, i really do believe i would not have made the grade for joining the armed forces. Thank you very much.


Jacqui Caunter

Just over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with early stages of Breast Cancer resulting in a couple of quite major operations to have a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Once well enough I wanted to get back to a better level of fitness so, with a friend we went along to the newly opened Winners 2000 gym.
We were trying to go the gym 3 – 4 times a week, without any noticeable results, we were introduced to personal trainer ‘Dave Fuge’. Dave worked out for us our own personal diet and exercise plans and we started twice a week training with him.
There are times when its hard work and I would may be ready to give up but Dave encourages/pushes me on just that bit more so that I get the maximum benefit. Dave is always there should we have any concerns or questions regarding our progress. He has really made a huge difference to my level of fitness. Its hard work sometimes but the rewards are great.

Kara Crawford

What is your desire? Stop and think about that for a few minutes. What is your desire for yourself …? – not the kids or work or hubby … you. Can you remember a time when you felt good about yourself? When you had the energy to feel good about yourself? Are you ready to embrace that -? – are you ready to commit to You? … If you can answer yes to that, I can assure you that Dave is ready to commit to you, too – wherever it is you want to go – he’ll get you there.

I considered myself relatively fit for a gal my age but had become quite bored with the exercise I was doing at the gym on my own, and, following major abdominal surgery, I was concerned I would never get back to “how I was”. I called upon Dave’s extensive knowledge of getting fit and his skill to motivate – and, I was not disappointed. Whatever excuses I threw at him – whatever resist I put up to following through with the programme, Dave was there to guide me – push me – and yes, sometimes even pull me along. I was surprised to learn that I could do more than I ever had imagined – looking back, he knew that I could and he got me there!

Whether it be toning up, challenging yourself physically, losing weight, learning to eat well, learning to pay attention to what you need, or ALL of that, Dave Fuge is commited to getting you there. If HE is … why not you? Tell yourself you’re worth it – and trust me, very soon you’ll know you are! A sincere “Thank You”, Dave

Wendy Lanyon

At the ripe old age of 46 I decided it was time to get fit, so a friend & I went along to the newly opened Winners gym, we had a chat with the very helpful John Ellery who told us all the membership options that were available to us & that we could have a free one week trial, we both decided we would give it a go.
We went 3 or 4 mornings a week & after a while decided to speak to one of Winners personal trainers “Dave Fuge” as we felt we needed some help with our training, fitness & diets.
Dave worked out our own personal eating plans and started twice a week putting us through some tough and at times very hard training sessions, six months on I have lost that stubborn 15lb in weight & am now starting to see the results of all the hard work.
I can honestly say it isn’t easy but with the help,time & encouragement Dave gives you & when you see the results yourself it is all worth while.


Simon Cater

I signed up for the gym after some persuasion from Dave. Seeing him once a week for a personal training session really spurred me on. Seven months on I have seen amazing results making me feel more confident in myself and healthier.

His knowledge on fitness products and dieting has helped stop me eating junk food and has settled me to a steady nutritious diet. Dave’s programs of which he regularly updates for me keeps my muscles guessing and make sure they are still intense and enjoy full.

Dave has helped me push past my limits whilst making sure I have good correct form. I now have great muscles and definition, with better balance and flexibility.

Dave is passionate about helping people and making sure you reach your goals, his friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly fun!

If you want to change your life, feel better in yourself I would strongly recommend getting Dave in your life to push you to a fitter, healthier person.

Jermaine Crewes

Dave is an old school friend of mine and I have grown up with him since we both joined secondary school. When we were at school Dave was your average teenager, myself I have always been a bit larger than normal but prefer to call it big boned.
Obviously knowing Dave since we were both young I have obviously seen some major changes in my friend. Dave and I both stared working out in Winners roughly at the same time and he was the guy that really talked me into it, as I saw the changes that Dave was going though and wanted to get in on the action!
He is a massive influence and motivator for me and my training, being a friend he is always there to help and guide me in the right direction and I know that I am getting all of the right advise. I regularly sit down with Dave and have a catch up about training and he is always willing and so passionate to help me reach personal goals. We set new goals and targets usually every 6-8 weeks and they never really change as I can imagine most peoples don’t which is to lose body fat and increase muscle tone. Dave always comes up with new ways in which I train and I trust him and always take everything he has to say onboard.
4 or so years down the line now I am a much happier healthier person, thanks to mostly my hard work and determination and oh yea Dave helped as well I have never thanked him for his help and I do sometimes take his help for granted, so thank you Dave.
If you are looking for a motivator to help you achieve your personal goals not sounding cheesy then Dave is your man top trainer, top guy, top friend.

Richard Coulson

On 4th December 2007 i started a “Serious Fit” training course which was immediately after a “heart attack scare” and a wake up call due to stress and anxiety. I knew at this point i needed professional help to turn my life around.

The Serious Fit programme which is made up of exercises utilising the rower, tread,ill, bench press and dumb bells and exercises such as Lat pull down, roman chair hip flexion, push ups and farmers walk. In my first attempt at the fitness training set by Dave i took 45 minutes. Over the next 6 months with fantastic support, mental encouragement and condience building i made steady progress in my programme and was able to achieve a phenomenal time of 14 minutes and 40 seconds. Much more i am very relaxed person with it and i would never have got to this level without the support of this professional trainer.

Joe Pillar

I had always wanted to start the gym, but had never been able to stick it out. I told myself at the beginning of 2008 my new year’s resolution was going to be starting the gym, and sticking with it!! I went to a gym in Torquay for while but started to get very inconsistent and found myself not pushing very hard. In March I got talking to Dave.
I had known Dave for a long time anyway and always knew his passion for training. After having a chat with him one day he told me how he could help me out to achieve what i was after. I took this on board and a week later had joined Winners. I started training with Dave as he was preparing for his natural bodybuilding show, and at that particular stage he was bulking up. As i was trying to achieve the same sort of thing i started asking a lot of questions on how i could do the same. Dave never made me feel like something I’d asked was stupid, even if i knew i probably sounded stupid. I took on board everything he told me, and then to see if what i was doing was working he started doing my weight and body measurements every 6 weeks. During my first 6 week period i had put on 3 pounds of lean muscle, and had noticed some serious differences in my body. I have now set out to put on at least the same again ready for my next weigh in.
Dave is proof that with hard work and commitment you can achieve your goals, and being able to back up the advice he gives fills you with confidence. He now gives me advice on everything, the way i train, what i eat/how often and also the supplements i take, and i am noticing that i am getting bigger and stronger by the week. I now train with Dave at least once a week and absolutely love it, my confidence is growing all the time and i am noticing some big changes in my body. I am looking forward to the 2nd half of 2008 with a view of putting as much mass on as possible, me and Dave have set some goals to try and achieve by the 1st quarter of next year, and i am confident that with Dave’s help and guidance i can achieve what i want and more.


Glenn Frost

I’d like to thank dave for turning my life around; heavily involved with work I had lost touch of my personal well being and needed help!
Each week Dave set my goals, planned my diet and showed me new exercises and yes it was tough; but i wasn’t on my own i had Dave.
Dave helped me through the sticky points and encouraged me to go further even when i thought i couldn’t give anymore.
I still maintain a healthly life style and keep fit nearly 2 years from meeting Dave
Thanks mate we did it!


Gill Wood – Kettlebells

I have been doing a weekly kettle bell session with Dave for about 5 months now. It’s a short, sharp wake-up call at 6.30am but it’s most definately worth it! My core strength and stamina have dramatically improved as well as my shoulder, leg and grip strength – which is very important to me being a climber. Dave is a great instructor and has gradually built up the reps and weight. I am really pleased to be lifting 12 kgs relatively easily now. Dave teaches excellent technique so avoids any injury. I would definately recommend kettle bells to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and strength as well as toning up…bring on the 6 pack!

Steve Flanders

I started with Core Physique back in March 2011 and set a target with Dave to achieve more lean muscle and weight loss within a suitable time frame. Dave designed a diet and training schedule which allowed me to focus on a specific set of body parts on a daily basis with some additional cardio sessions in between to assist with my overall fitness. With a starting weight of just under 18st I was determined to keep to the program and focus on the end goal of what was set. Now 4 months later I have hit a weight of 16st 8lb, reduced my body fat and improved my overall wellbeing.

Now that I’m close to my set target set by Dave my next goal is to build up on the muscle mass and train harder to get back to my best physique possible Just turning 40 and feeling great for it has given me a better outlook ahead and with myself setting a target of running the London Marathon in 2012 I’m even more focused to achieving something not just for myself but for a charity I’m doing it for. I can’t thank the team at Core Physique for the training and backup that they offer and would suggest that if you really want to change then go see “The Fugeinator” at Core Physique.

Barbara James

I am Barbara James a 49 year old Foster carer who has very little spare time, but I have made myself find the time and am so glad I have.
I want to share with you all out there my transformation. I have been working with Dave since March. And the change in my body sharp is just great. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and actually enjoyed the journey. I was one of the, ‘I hate the gym people’ and could be heard saying “it’s boring and I don’t need to go to the gym I can just diet” (not eat very much really). But with my plan I was gradually piling the pounds on, as being hungry all the time I picked at food, sound familiar!! My husband had been going to Winners2000 for some time and was always encouraging me to go, but without success, then just before my 49th birthday I had to go to funeral, I found that I couldn’t get into any of my black trousers. Which was a shock? This year I was also diagnosis with condition which can effect my muscles as it progresses so everything pointed to me getting things sorted out.

That week I picked up the phone to Winners gym and I consider I was very lucky that Dave answered it. I told him I wanted to come down to the gym, but I didn’t really, as I was very worried about it, thinking I didn’t have what I knew it took, or what my muscles would be able to withstand. I have been very fit when I was younger, but this was many many years ago, so I was scared of the work I knew I needed to do. Dave instantly put my mind at rest, we discussed my worries and my diet, then he explained to me how together we would achieve my goal, He read up on my condition so that he was aware of any limitations I may encounter and we discussed my goal which was to get to be a toned 8st 7lb before I reached 50. He said to me that we would achieve it well before the dreaded 50 and he was right as I am 1lb off the target now in Aug. My body fat has reduced considerably and I have lost inches all over.

I have really enjoyed our sessions which Dave varies each week; He gives me a training programme to work with between our sessions. I have found Dave very professional and he has a calming manner, he pushes me and gives me confidence. I have found that when I am in the gym on my own I have been able to push myself more than I could have ever imagined. But I also know he keeps an eye on me, which encourages me further. Dave devised a diet plan for me which I found very easy to use, and was surprised that it was more food than I had previously been eating.

It amazes me how much my body is now able to do, and some times look at the exercise and think I will never do that, then with Dave’s support I CAN. I now feel so much stronger and healthier, with so much more energy to run after the children. I always leave the gym after our session feeling so good about myself and what I have achieved. I find winners2000 a professional and friendly environment to train in.

Alex Rowe

I’d been stumbling along for a while making up my own fitness regimens and was becoming stale but also not making the progress I wanted which was a combination of weight loss, strength but not bulk and cardiovascular fitness. Dave puts all your goals together and creates a varying fresh programme every week which never fails to give you a feeling of achievement as well as some results. Dave got me leaner, stronger and fitter, resulting in my first of hopefully many triathlons. Shame I bought 2 pairs of expensive jeans before I started training!!

Tom Chapman

After trying to find a new outfit for a family birthday and not finding a single thing that woud fit i decided it was time to get fit and drop some serious weight with a serious life change. After joining the gym and making up my own regime with a little research weight started to come off. This slowed down very quickly. THEN i spoke to Dave Fuge and then things REALLY started to change! He gave me an easy to follow diet plan and an interesting, fresh and varied workouts. Dave told me to keep records of weight and size in photos and a diary which helped keep my motivation up and got me into the best shape of my life. Having Dave to hand online and via text was fantastic as he kept me on track.

Sue and Kevin Chapman

Just wanted to thank you Dave for changing the way both me and Kevin look in such a short time. We know we’re only at the beginning of our journey with you but we’re so amazed at our transformation. I’ve never ever ever like the gym and I’ve tried a few but you and winners gym are a great combination. There’s always a mixture of ages and shapes and sizes, the atmosphere is friendly and all the staff are helpful. You have guided both of us with diet and our workout programmes and after 11 weeks, I have lost 24lb and 23.5 inches plus I’ve gone from size16/18 to a size 14, not bad for a 56 year old who never exercised !! Kevin, at the grand old age of 59 has lost 25lb and 19.75 inches. The personal training sessions with you have helped keep us on track and working hard. They are really hard work and at times I hate you !! But I feel so good when I’ve completed it !! It’s worth every penny !! Looking forward to many more training sessions and my new size 14 jeans being too big !