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Tracy Lawton 4 Week Progress (12 Week Challenger)

05 Feb

Tracy Lawton 4 week progress

Nothing excites me more then seeing my clients progress and them feeling more positive then ever. As you can see i have another Team member working her butt off in the gym with myself on a regular basis, but of course i can’t take all the credit. Tracy is working hard inside and out of the gym, whilst having 2 kids and working she is still finding the time to get some extra cardio in through walking the dog (Yep i think it count’s).

All this in my mind is what makes it count and help’s further progress a clients results. I have known Tracy for sometime now, and one of the things that always stood out was Tracy’s energy levels which of course was effected by the lack of food that was being consumed let alone the choice of food. Putting Tracy on a higher calorie nutrition plan with plenty of good carbs, fats and proteins has made a big difference to not only the way she look, but also the way that she feels. Coming to the gym feeling more positive and more energized for a training rather then the first words coming out of mouth saying “I’m tired today”!! Tracy has gone on to lose an impressive 12lbs and 9 3/4 inches though smart and effective training.

This has only been achieved in the last 4 weeks once she decided to make that change and commit to changing her lifestyle. Massive well done Trace and i can’t wait to see what comes next over the next 8 weeks.