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Steve Wood – Show Transformation (3rd Place)

26 Apr

I am no way a Show Prep Professional, and will proberly say I won’t be either. Preparing clients for shows has never been my thing as it goes way beyond what I know and defiantly comes down to be a fine art to master. There are many great Show Professionals out there that i had had the pleasure in contacting with and even using for myself.
When my client Steve first came to me with the idea of competing for one of his Long Term Goals, I couldn’t say no.

I first met and have been training Steve now for around 2 years since he first walked through those doors at the previous site. Steve is one of those guys that, no matter what you throw at him he will just get on with it and give nothing but 110% effort.
Steve has been through an incredible transformation since the beginning to now, and the whole reason it started, was because he had a ‘Goal’, and that was to be in the best shape of his life.
I first set Steve a challenge last year of competing in his first 12 week challenge run by 100% Health, this is where the bug began, Steve placed in the top 15 applicants which set the ball rolling. At the ripe age of 56 Steve decided to commit to working harder and achieving even better results. Whilst deciding to take part in the 12 week challenge again this year he also decided to step on stage.
So how we planned it out was to use the 12 week challenge as a warm up and beat his conditioning from the previous year whilst he preps to step on stage. After some research of what shows were around close to the end of the challenge the Miami Pro Championships would be the one to go for, and the best thing about it they had an Over 50’s category.
For the process of Steve’s Transformation, we had done something completely different to last time. Instead of bombarding Steve with endless amounts of cardio we decided to limit the amount of cardio he was doing and to make things more intense & interesting added more variation.
Below are the variables used throughout his training leading up to the show!
– Maintained Heavy Lifting
– 4 week Cycle Changes
– Interval Training
– Metabolic Workouts/Finishers
– Carb Cycling
Steve’s body defiantly responded more to this process then last time which was amazing. Sticking to the diet was no problem for Steve the dedication that he put in was endless. No one could fault him at all when a session was booked he was there warming up ready to go. To see someone so motivated especially at his age made it even more worth while.
Since making his show debut, Steve now has the bug to do more shows. Prior to the next show which has been set in stone we are now going to focus on Hypertrophy (adding more muscle), with the main aim of focusing on his lower body and bringing in his waistline.