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Nick Lamsin Testimony

04 Apr

In the June of 2012 I signed up to Winners 2000 and began having personal trainer sessions with Dave Fuge. Right from the word go I could tell that Dave was extremely professional in his approach and he clearly takes his personal training very seriously. It’s obvious that Dave is a trainer who practices what he preaches and you can have nothing but respect and admiration for him given the heights that he has achieved himself. He clearly has an awful lot of experience and expertise when it comes to personal training and his knowledge of the body and how it works is extremely impressive. He is the type of guy who likes to be very thorough in everything he does particuly when it comes to recommending diet plans. He sets realistic achievable goals for you and then goes about doing everything he can to help you achieve those goals. When I first began training with Dave I was already a very sporty person and was by no means overweight, but I lacked muscle and definition and a body that I could be proud of and would be keen to show off. After Just a few months of hard training and dedication with Dave I could clearly begin to see results both in the amount of weight I was losing and in way I looked aesthetically. The sessions with Dave are as hard as you want them to be, if you’re the type of person who’s keen to push yourself to the limits then Dave will help you achieve that. He always does a fantastic job of talking to you and motivating you through every exercises and I never get the feeling that he is just going through the motions just to get paid at the end of the day. It’s obvious he loves getting the best out of people and the success he’s had with so many of his clients shows how good he is at what he does. Whenever I talk with friends about how much it costs to have personal trainer sessions they always seem to think it’s expensive. I’ve been training with Dave for nearly a year now and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my money than getting in great shape. Given the choice of taking back the money I’ve paid to Dave to be back in my original condition when I first met him there’s no chance I would want to. To say that signing up to personal trainer sessions with Dave is one of the best things I’ve done would be a massive understatement. Not only have I achieved the results I’ve always wanted and more, but I’ve also made a good friend along the way and while Dave continues his work as a personal trainer, I plan on continuing having sessions with him.