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Dave Fuge Places in the Top 15 out of 50 in the United States Part 1

26 May

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I have posted but I have now signed in to tell you all about what went down in Kansas City on my 5 day adventure. As I stated in my an earlier post I was setting out to embark on a major and massive goal of mine to compete in America for the first time for the WBFF in the Fitness Model lineup.

As I was there for 5 days what I am going to do is break it up into 5 Days to give you a breakdown of what went on while I was their preparing to walk on stage.

Day 1 Thursday 19th May: After flying 16 hours and changing twice we finely reached Kansas City, where I was very apprehensive of what to expect of the city and all the competitors. I had 2 days prior to the event to get some water off that I was holding, something I didn’t really plan for, but will know for next time but will know for next time. After we managed to get a taxi we got our transfer to the Western Crown Hotel, which was the host hotel for the event and where many of the athletes where staying for the show. When I arrived and eventually checked in after learning that they had spelt my name wrong when booked, i actually met a few of the competitors that recognized me from my Facebook page and they were very welcoming which was great for me and helped me settle in a bit more.

Once we had sorted out all our stuff in the hotel room, it was time to hit the gym for my last workout before the show. This workout was something I had to do to try and get the water off, it was my last depletion workout before I carb up later on in the evening. The gym was empty at the time, so while my girlfriend (Thank You very much for all your help) was doing her cardio training, I was hitting up the weights room for a 45 minute total body weight training circuit plus cardio after. By this time was over I felt drained and exhausted not one bit of energy was left in me, the 16 hours of commuting had finished me off, I was actually looking forward to my bed. Ok I downed 20g of Whey Isolate plus a Banana as soon as I got back to the hotel room. In a couple of hours time I get to eat some Oatmeal that went down a treat from there it was bed time. I was so surprised though before I went to sleep that I heard an almighty noise out of nowhere, and Yes people it was Thunder and Lightning and nothing like I had seen before. I was stood at my hotel window staring out at the sky in amazement it was ridiculous. Only in America Ay!!