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Dave Fuge Places in the Top 15 out of 50 in the United States Part 2

29 May

Day 2 Friday 20th May: Ok the day before the show was here and it was time to add the tan and start building it up before “Show Time”. As we were walking around the hotel we pumped into a tanning company that where offering to do peoples tans. So instead of taking ages for my tan to dry and going over it, and feeling like the whole process was endless I decided to book in and get mine done here, just like all the other competitors. This was brilliant, when I went in I was showed to a tent where they do the spraying and the American lady was like there’s your sock, at this point I was like what the hell is this for, she looked at me and laughed and went “To put your do da in, I was laughing my head off! Don’t worry ladies I didn’t get it out for her I was just in my boxers as I was wearing shorts. She thought it was funny coming from and English guy. Big shout out to Tan-perfect for all there help with my tan.

Ok the tan was done and it was off to Constentinos to load up on food for after the show and to get my rice cakes for during the show. This job was amazing, I have never seen such an amazing shop in my life. Now I know why people in the states and especially Kansas City which is the 3rd Fattest county in America which the obesity problem. This hop had everything you can imagine and more. I actually had a hard time walking around this place my mouth was watering big time. Ok after getting out there safely we chilled for the rest of the day while my tan was getting darker as the hours go by. 5.30pm it was registration time for all the competitors at the Hotel, this is where I met everyone including the Pro’s such as Micah Lacerte, Diana Chaloux, Was Candido, David Kimmerle and a few others. They were all very welcoming and were surprised to see another English boy out there, especially when you are getting compared to the famous Rob Riches which was amazing and a blessing. The atmosphere in the room was amazing and everyone who I would be stepping on stage with was there and looked great, of course this made me feel out of my depth.

Ok meeting over and now time to eat again before bed time, the bar where doing a special menu for all the competitors to make it easier for all of us to use whilst staying at the hotel which was a big help.

Once I had eaten my Grilled Chicken & Asparagus (Yummy), it was time to get some shut eye and get ready for a big long day tomorrow.