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02 Mar

Tracking Progress – Pictures Over Scales!!

By: admin – category: – March 2, 2014

Clients i sometimes feel regret that they never decided to take a starting progress picture. Rather then doing this, they decide to go by the dreaded scales. Don’t get me wrong scale weight is one factor that we can use and gage progress on, but you ... Continue Reading

01 Mar

Fat 2 Fit – Robin Hounslow 6 Week Transformation

By: admin – category: – March 1, 2014

Well it has been a while since i have made a post on this blog, and what better way then posting this awesome Transformation from client Robin Hounslow. Robin started working with me at the beginning of the year when the 12 Week Challenge came around. Rob ... Continue Reading

21 Jan

New Year, New Start!!

By: admin – category: – January 21, 2014

Well we are 3 weeks into the New Year and it’s been crazy. The big rush with everyone getting back into the gym and working towards their New Year’s Resolutions. It been great to see everyone back in the gym training, the atmosphere has been a ... Continue Reading

10 Dec

Mark Hinkins 8 Week Transformation

By: admin – category: – December 10, 2013

Mark came to me with 8 weeks to go before he was travelling around the world. Mark has been a member of the gym for a while, but just needed some guidance with Nutrition & Training. Of course 8 weeks not being a long time, but enough to make a big di ... Continue Reading

14 Oct

Steve Wood Brings Home the Silverware !!

By: admin – category: – October 14, 2013

Another Win for #TeamCP two weekends ago. Client Steve Wood who only stepped on stage at the beginning of the year where he took 3rd place at the Miami Pro show, decided he wanted to give it another shot this time round to place higher and Win. Steve plac ... Continue Reading