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17 Aug

The Stiff Leg Deadlift

By: admin – category: – August 17, 2017

So Here we have Core Physique 1-1 Client Tia Andrews executing the Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift earlier this week during training. This is an awesome and great exercise to include into your Training Plan, whether you currently complete an Upper/Lower Traini ... Continue Reading

02 Aug

Who Needs Scales!!!

By: admin – category: – August 2, 2017

To me this is one of the most limiting factors when it comes to achieving your body composition goals. Scale weight unfortunately is one of those things that changes on a daily basis, especially for the ladies with their menstrual cycles. Water gain durin ... Continue Reading

28 Jul

Evie Healey Testimony:

By: admin – category: – July 28, 2016

Hey Dave Fuge ! Just want to a take a moment to shout your praises, as I began my personal journey to get fit! You came highly recommended by my son (Seb Willcocks) and as I re – entered the whole Gym thing with a very sceptical notion, hell I̵ ... Continue Reading

05 Feb

Tracy Lawton 4 Week Progress (12 Week Challenger)

By: admin – category: – February 5, 2016

Nothing excites me more then seeing my clients progress and them feeling more positive then ever. As you can see i have another Team member working her butt off in the gym with myself on a regular basis, but of course i can’t take all the credit. Tr ... Continue Reading

04 Feb

Dave Knott – Online Client Update

By: admin – category: – February 4, 2016

It’s always great to receive such awesome news and progress from clients, especially the one’s i don’t get to see. This only due to the reason that they don’t live close enough for me to coach, but here is just some of the progress ... Continue Reading