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homepicCore Physique is an Online, 1-1 Personal Training & Nutrition Consultancy aimed at getting you in the best shape ever.

We work with medical marijuana card online clients on a 1-1 Basis or via Email to get them where they want to be in achieving goals. Offering a range of services to help you the client achieve and reach your goals no matter who you are, if you’re just starting out or very advanced with your training. Core Physique believes in changing your lifestyle, and the way you think to help get you in the best possible shape in the quickest & safest way possible.

Whether your goal(s) are to Increase fitness Levels, Decrease Body Fat, Increase Lean muscle gain, or just keeping fit. I ensure you that we will guide you to your goal(s). I can design a training program that will cater to your needs and personal goals (fat loss/muscle gain/muscle maintenance).

“Many times the difference between failure and success is doing something nearly right or doing something exactly right”

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